Concord installs sample lights on Main Street

By LAURA McCRYSTAL Monitor staff
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
(Published in print: Wednesday, July 24, 2013)

Two sample streetlights are up on North Main Street this week, as city officials gather comments about their design and light quality.

City Engineer Ed Roberge said he’s looking to gather feedback about the brightness and color of the LED lights at night. The light quality was designed for the city’s upcoming Main Street redesign project.

The sample lights were installed yesterday morning in the area in front of Citizens Bank and will remain in place until Tuesday, Roberge said.

The light fixture designs have already been approved by the city council. Roberge said the sample light posts and bases are slightly different than the approved design. But the lamp at the top of the lights is the same fixture that will be installed along Main Street when construction is complete in 2015.

“So it’s going to be a bit different than the high-pressure sodium (light) that’s out there today,” Roberge said.

Residents can complete an online survey about the quality of light once the streetlights turn on at night. Questions include: Is the light too bright, too yellow or too white; and does the light illuminate a large enough area? The survey is available at

Legacy Comments 5

Is this part of $200k marketing contract?

allanh- Let see if they can explain it to you in a different way....hmmm..Do you like the light fixture? I can say it slower also...

mutant, read the article. It is not the light pole they are solicitng opinions for, it is the light bulb. And to add insult to injury the light post they are installing for the trial period is not the light post that will be installed for the project - Allan Herschlag

Careful what you ask for!

This article should be placed in the "are you kidding me" file. The light pole isn't even the same pole that will be installed once the project is completed. How hard is it to get the same pole that will line our streets after this $10 plus million dollar project is completed. Apparently for our city it is impossible. So folks enjoy the bone the city has so graciously tossed you in allowing you to pick out which of two light bulbs you like best. Could those who are responsible for this project moving forward be be anymore condescending to those who are paying for it and will have to live with it for the next fifty years?

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